Cranlana has delivered customised ethics programs for established teams and graduate groups for more than a decade.

Our partners include state and federal government departments and agencies, such as the Reserve Bank of Australia, ASIC, APRA, Treasury, Boards of management and Australian Army.


Why focus on Graduates? In the course of their careers, your graduates will inevitably face challenging situations that are characterised by complexity and ambiguity. They will be required to balance different interests and weigh up reasonable but rival views about the right course of action. Ensure your graduates begin their leadership journey well-equipped to meet such leadership challenges, so they can make the right decisions at the right time, in the right way and for the right reasons.

We equip young future leaders to become ethical leaders by:

  • introducing key ethical frameworks and moral principles,
  • reviewing their core values and accountabilities,
  • strengthening critical thinking skills
  • identifying conflicts of interest and how to resolve them
  • applying the learning to practical contemporary scenarios

Course Structure

We can work with you in person or online.

We can design a stand-alone program to suit the specific needs of your department, or we can develop an ethical leadership component that dovetails into your existing graduate development program.

To maximise engagement and interaction we recommend a maximum group size of 20 participants. Larger cohorts can be split into separate groups.

Online sessions are capped at 2 hours per session, ideally spaced out over a number of days to avoid screen fatigue.

Face-to-face sessions are immersive and intensive. To reap the greatest benefits from working with Cranlana we encourage participants to to disengage from other work distractions as much as possible.

  • Introduction to ethical frameworks
  • Ethical behaviour as a skill to be practiced
  • Navigating conflicting accountabilities
  • Identifying and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • Doing your job versus doing what is right
  • Overcoming our human flaws.
  • Leadership and human flourishing

The Cranlana method

Cranlana uses philosophical texts as a springboard for discussion. Our approach is one of shared-inquiry and peer-learning guided by expert facilitators, with an emphasis on engagement and group interaction, rather than direct instruction. Insights gained through this process are more lasting than and have greater long-term impact. Cranlana’s method also deepens bonds and builds trust between participants.

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I felt I couldn’t make a difference at work and I felt despair. I can’t walk away from my work now. I need to stay and tell stories. There is power in the narrative.

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

This week has been re-affirming. It has echoed my beliefs. I have some tools now. It has been powerful. I want to have more courage to speak out about bad behaviours.

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

I will ask WHY? I will say NO. When we reach the finish line – move it forward.

Cranlana Program Executive Colloquium alumni

The Cranlana Method

We don’t teach leadership skills. Instead, we help leaders apply the skills they already have more wisely – by building clarity of purpose and ethical courage. Drawing on a rich history of philosophical wisdom, they encourage fresh and considered approaches to challenges – offering insights that, for many participants, will fundamentally transform their concept of leadership. Our courses are dialogue-based and immersive, bringing small groups of high-level leaders together for discussions that are wide-ranging and expertly guided. They are rigorous, in-depth and practical, providing high-level learning experiences and understanding to strengthen your capabilities as an effective and ethical leader.

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