Across our nation, it is our leaders – in business, community and government – who set the tone for how society operates and the values we live by.

Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership is dedicated to building better leaders. By sharpening critical reasoning and ethical thinking, we help high-level decision-makers better see the bigger picture on any issue they face.

Since 1993, thousands of Australian leaders have experienced Cranlana’s unique approach to leadership development across our many programs, including the Executive Colloquium and the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship.

We’re here to build better communities – by strengthening wisdom and ethical courage in our leadership. Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership is Monash University, The Myer Foundation and Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation working in partnership.

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About us

Our History

First established in 1993 by the Myer Foundation, the Cranlana Programme was created to promote informed discussion about responsible, ethical leadership. Inspired by the Aspen Institute in the United States, and recognising that there was too great a focus on management and not enough on leading, Ken Myer and Michael Liffman collaborated to create a course that would inspire a new generation of Australian luminaries to take a new approach to leadership. Today’s Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership is the result of a collaboration between the original Cranlana Programme and another highly prominent Australian ethical leadership course – the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, founded by the Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation and members.

The Cranlana Method

We don’t teach leadership skills. Instead, we help leaders apply the skills they already have more wisely – by building clarity of purpose and ethical courage.

Cranlana Centre’s programs are a deep dive into the practice of ethical decision-making. Drawing on a rich history of philosophical wisdom, they encourage fresh and considered approaches to challenges – offering insights that, for many participants, will fundamentally transform their concept of leadership.

Our courses are dialogue-based and immersive, bringing small groups of high-level leaders together for discussions that are wide-ranging and expertly guided. By relating philosophical concepts directly to experiences and challenges you’ve encountered, participants examine and strengthen their personal ethical frameworks, giving themselves a solid footing for steering future decision-making.

Our experienced moderators draw on a deep understanding of philosophical theory, and their own distinguished careers across the private and public sectors, to facilitate discussions that are revelatory and challenging. The programs are rigorous, in-depth and practical, providing high-level learning experiences and understanding to strengthen your capabilities as an effective and ethical leader.

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Who are we

Meet our Moderators

Each Cranlana Program is carefully curated and facilitated by two of our expert Moderators. To equip leaders to be both ethical and effective, our Moderators draw on their learned experience to guide you through rigorous discussion, debate and reflection.

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The Cranlana Method

If you have questions, or if you would like more information about our dialogue-based, immersive programs, please connect with us today.