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An introduction to the Cranlana Programme’s Executive Colloquium

Experience what it’s like to participate in the Cranlana Programme’s celebrated Executive Colloquium.

These events are offered to potential participants and those responsible for executive talent management to introduce the Cranlana Programme and the distinct model of shared inquiry utilised in the Executive Colloquium. Attendees in this workshop will undertake a session as it would be delivered in the programme, experiencing first-hand what it is like to participate in the kind of moderated discussion that takes place during the course.

The event is also an opportunity to talk directly with Cranlana Programme administrators and discuss the suitability of the programme for specific individuals and organisations.

For further information, please contact the Cranlana Programme on 03 9827 2660.

We hope you can join us. 




Wednesday 4 May 2016, 10.00am – 12.00pm CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Thursday 5 May 2016, 3.00–5.00pm CLICK HERE TO BOOK



The Executive Colloquium is the Cranlana Programme’s flagship offering that aims to develop ethical clarity and practical wisdom among senior leaders. Over six days of confidential discussions, participants are challenged to examine the beliefs that shape their values and inform their actions, while reflecting on issues critical to the theory and practice of effective leadership. The programme seeks to cultivate leadership, but not through vocational training or management coaching. Rather, it offers a rigorous and rewarding programme of intellectual inquiry that seeks to develop the resilience required by leaders in today’s uncertain and increasingly complex world. 

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