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Saving Legal Aid – the inaugural Justice & Society Oration

The inaugural Cranlana Programme Justice & Society Oration will be delivered by Steven Hynes, Director of the Legal Action Group (UK).


Equality before the law is the bedrock of our legal system. But this foundational principle of justice is crumbling. Neglect, penny-pinching and competing political agendas have eroded legal aid budgets across the world. In this country, the situation has reached a crisis point.

Who is eligible to receive legal aid? The poor, the vulnerable, those most in need? Not necessarily. Australia’s funding is now so low that a pensioner or someone on benefits may not qualify. The consequences of this injustice reverberate throughout the entire legal system. 

In the inaugural Cranlana Programme Justice & Society Oration, international legal aid campaigner Steven Hynes, Director of the UK’s Legal Action Group, will outline the current state of play in the UK and the historical rationale behind the cuts. Steven will canvass the victories and the threats in the ongoing battle to save legal aid in the country on which Australia’s legal and political system is modelled.

The Justice & Society Oration is a new annual event for alumni of the Cranlana Programme. Delivered over dinner in the intimate surrounds of the Cranlana ballroom, the address offers alumni the opportunity to engage with a leading thinker on a topic critical to the maintenance of justice in the good society. The oration will be recorded by ABC Radio National and broadcast on the Big Ideas program.

Alumni members would be very welcome to bring partners and colleagues to this event.

What: The inaugural Cranlana Programme Justice & Society Oration – dinner and address

When: 6.30pm, Tuesday 17 May 2016

Where: Cranlana, 62 Clendon Road, Toorak

Cost: $150, including dinner and drinks

Further information: contact the office on 03 9827 2660