What does it mean for humans to create technology that ‘thinks’? Are there enough conversations around the big moral and spiritual questions of creating advanced technology? Plus, what are the implications of inserting AI into our lives? Join Breann Fallon and expert panel as they delve into the complexities of AI.

In this episode:
Around the world we’re seeing cases of worker output being monitored — and in some instances, employees being sacked — by AI. What happens when AI starts making bigger decisions? What happens when it goes wrong? Spiritual master Dr Amit Ray, argues that without emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence is incomplete. So do we have a moral obligation to build in emotional intelligence, or a guiding system of being into AI? And can AI develop a faith or belief system?

Recently the tech giant Google suspended an engineer after he claimed a chatbot he was developing showed signs of sentience. There’s an unease around artificial intelligence and how powerful it could become, bringing into question whether AI can develop emotions or consciousness.

Listen to the full podcast on ABC Radio National.

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