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We help organisations and individuals to become effective and ethical agents for change, leading with courage and wisdom.

Leadership is about much more than simply getting the job done. True leaders inspire and motivate, build trust and enhance the reputation of their organisations, both internally and externally.

An ethical leader is at pains to question how they live with the contradictions and tensions of leading in a modern organisation and how to do that in an ethically rigorous way. It’s about building a better society.

Jerome Reid

Australian Department of Defence
Joint Capabilities Group and alumnus


From in-house workshops to a deep dive into personal values and moral agency.

Cranlana programs provide participants the opportunity to step back from the immediacy of their work and from the world we live in and to consider foundational values in a new light. By bringing these values to the foreground, our leaders are better able to ask questions and see possibilities that are often overlooked.

The beauty for me of the Colloquium is that it didn’t prescribe what we should think or believe or adapt into our lives and leadership practices. Rather it challenged us to think deeply and critically and ground our future decisions and behaviours in our own judgement of what is right, ethical and just in today’s world. A life’s work.

Simon Holloway

2022 Colloquium Alumni

If you are in a leadership role in Australia and want to build your understanding of ethical leadership, I highly recommend this program. You will have expert guidance from Matt Beard and the team at the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership, the opportunity to meet many amazing leaders from across a spectrum of Australian organisations, be intellectually challenged, and collaborate with an amazing cohort of Vincent Fairfax Fellows.

Heather Hamilton

Vincent Fairfax Fellow, Cohort 26, 2022

Program dates 2024

Calendar of upcoming programs

1. Executive Colloquium, Melbourne25 February - 1 March, 2024
2. Executive Ethics, Melbourne 6 - 7 March, 2024
3. Public Sector Leaders Colloquium, Canberra17 - 22 March, 2024
4. Executive Ethics, Sydney10 -11 April, 2024

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