The Cranlana Programme runs several two-day, sector-specific symposia. These invitation-only programmes are reserved for people operating at the most senior levels of industry. Courses fill up quickly and invitees are encouraged to register early to secure their place.

Business & Society

Are business and fairness compatible?

Launched in 2015, the Business & Society Symposium provides a platform for executives from the highest levels of Australian business to explore the connections between ethics and effectiveness, and the challenges of leadership in a global economy. The Symposium is an opportunity for those responsible for shaping Australian society to discuss and debate these ideas among peers.

It is clear there is a corollary between ethics and outcomes. Good companies are good citizens and their actions are intertwined with the health and prosperity of the nation. Australian society relies on our corporate executives to lead the way. But what is the good? By whose moral framework is it measured? And, can the needs of the broader society align with responsibilities to stakeholders?

The Business & Society Symposium is an opportunity for executive leaders to reflect upon their role and the impact of their actions, while refining their own ethical understanding.

$3465 (incl. GST)

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Justice & Society 

Is justice possible?

Do we believe the rule of law to be good because it is just or is it just because we think it is good? To what degree is our understanding of justice determined by the laws under which we live? Are there certain universal requirements that any just law must fulfil? Is it possible to have a just society without a base of guaranteed moral rights? If not, what are those guaranteed moral rights?

This highly regarded symposium is designed for senior leaders whose work intersects with the concepts of justice, be it legal responses, law enforcement or policy design. The programme focuses on the key values and principles that guide Australia’s liberal democracy, its institutions and the impact of their actions on society.

The Justice & Society Symposium is a challenging take on the principles that underpin our notions of justice and its application in contemporary society.

$3465 (incl. GST)

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The venue is Cranlana, Melbourne. Professor Martin Krygier and Dr David Neal SC moderate this symposium.


Medicine & Society

Can health be equitable?  

Now in its fourth year, the Medicine & Society Symposium is a forum for senior health executives to critically engage with the meaning and consequences of moral engagement in contemporary medicine. The programme provides a way for leaders in the field to critically examine the role medicine plays in Australian society and their own responsibilities within it.

Public demands made on the health system are often at odds with personal expectations of medical professionals. There is a contradiction in society’s expectations. How are these grey areas to be navigated? Against what principles are they to be measured? How do medical ethics relate to the ideas of the great moral thinkers? How can wisdom be achieved in the practice of medicine?

The Medicine & Society Symposium challenges ideas of ethical engagement within the medical world and its role within the good society.

$3465 (incl. GST)

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Ageing & Society

How do we deliver dignity to the elderly in our care?

It is often said that the way a society treats its elderly is a reflection of its moral health. But there is no consensus in our society on how the final stages of life should play out. And while no universal definition of the good life exists for the aged, individuals have high expectations of the care they and their family members receive. Often questions of responsibility come hard up against economic and demographic realities, with the sector caught at the critical intersection. How should it best respond when the measures that guide and control the system do not take into account a fully flourishing life? Can the tension between society’s equivocations and the realities of commercial enterprise be navigated to deliver good moral outcomes?

New in 2016, the Ageing & Society Symposium provides leaders in the sector with an ethical lens through which to examine the contradictions inherent in delivering end-of-life care. The programme seeks to address the question: can taking account of human flourishing lead to better decisions in the aged care industry? In doing so, it offers leaders a new and challenging approach to their ethical dilemmas, a moral framework to provide clarity in decision-making, and a broader way of thinking about their work caring for the aged.

$3465 (incl. GST)

Please refer to the Events page for programme dates