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Dr Alan Finkel speaks at Cranlana

If the past is a foreign country, the future is a galaxy of alien planets: distant, forbidding and unfathomably strange – and all of them products of human invention.

We have limited tools for mapping the terrain; and seemingly limited time for the futurists who claim to do it best. In a world that travels so fast, is it possible to speak meaningfully of what lies ahead; and how can we as leaders help to chart the way?

Alan is Australia’s eighth Chief Scientist and has an extensive science background as an entrepreneur, engineer, neuroscientist and educator. Prior to becoming Chief Scientist, he was the eighth Chancellor of Monash University and the eighth President of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE). In October 2016, Dr Finkel was appointed to chair the review into the National Electricity Market.

Podcast of event coming to ABC Radio National Big Ideas soon.