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Introductory workshops

Experience what it’s like to participate in the Cranlana Programme’s unique leadership development courses.

Leadership demands the continuous consideration of values and the careful review of actions and outcomes. Leaders are expected to know what's right. To do this they must, as Plato put it, lead the ‘examined life’. The Cranlana Programme offers an opportunity to do just that.

These events introduce potential participants and those responsible for executive talent management to the distinct model of shared inquiry utilised in the Cranlana Programme's colloquia and symposia. Attendees will participate in a session as it would be delivered in a course, experiencing first-hand the kind of moderated discussion of philosophical texts and ideas that takes place.

The event is also an opportunity to talk directly with Cranlana Programme administrators and discuss the suitability of our various programmes for specific individuals and organisations.



26 September 2016, 10.00am – 12.00pm at Cranlana
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27 September 2016, 2.00–4.00pm at the Sydney Town Hall
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28 September 2016, 2.00–4.00pm at the Queensland Art Gallery
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28 October 2016, 10.00am – 12.00pm at Cranlana
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Senior leaders and executives contemplating their own participation, and

Learning and development and executive talent managers



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